Tshwane post-grad student launches his own smartphone

Tshwane University of Technology(TUT) student Lesley Ncube graduated with his diploma in computer science in .June 2020.

Ncube already has an exciting career path ahead as he also launched his own software and computer hardware company called Thatha.

Ncube is a 26-year-old student studying towards his advanced diploma in computer science. He graduated with his undergraduate qualification last month through TUT’s virtual graduation ceremony.

Starting his own company

Lesley Ncube has developed his own smartphone
TUT graduate Lesley Ncube has developed his own smartphone

“Starting a company while I was in university took a significant amount of time away from my studies,” Ncube says.

“For a big part of my school career I neglected my school work and focused on my business that I was trying to build. Eventually I went back to school and completed my studies. I figured out a way to manage two things together and things just worked out.”

Ncube wants his own computer brand

Ncube says he was interested in the technology and innovation industry at the young age of 14. He is passionate about working towards creating his own computer brand.

Inspired by industry giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Ncube always aspired to create something on that level. He has started on that trackthrough his company Thatha, which is the Isizulu word for “take”.

He founded Thatha in 2018 to create innovative software and computer hardware that interconnects with each other.

Ncube’s Thatha smartphone

Ncube wants to produce devices for the continent of Africa at affordable prices, and his way to do this is to use resources found in Africa.

He initially wanted to design his own computer but smartphones were getting popular at the time he was starting to create so he opted for a smartphone instead.

He started creating his smartphone when he was in his second year of university in 2014. Four years later, in 2018 he had transformed a concept into a product and this gave birth to the ShumiPhone.

Thatha: First of its kind

Ncube says that Thatha is the first of its kind. The young entrepreneur’s competitive advantage is that he sells his high-end smartphones at affordable prices as well as his varied specialities in the technological sector. These are software development services such as building and designing websites, applications and systems for their client base.

However, the stress of university and building a company has not been easy and has brought challenges.

Ncube advises other students who want to start their own businesses to study the past so that they will understand the future. Protection Status

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