Durban student starts coveted IT career with Microsoft

Gomolemo Mohapi is still a student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), but he has been hired at Microsoft.

The 22-year-old fourth-year student started work remotely last week

A DUT release outlines how in 2016 Mohapi was in his first year of university when he saw a poster seeking managed service providers (MSP) around campus.

He applied, and one of his lecturers helped by speaking to Microsoft staff in Johannesburg.

As an MSP, he worked with Microsoft engineers and professionals who taught him the latest in technology.

The power of networking

Mohapi then used this knowledge to conduct workshops and virtual sessions both on and off campus.

In his first year, Mohapi also had the opportunity to study in the United States (US). Now that he has been hired by the US firm, he is excited to experience this again.

Mohapi said he scored this job through the power of networking, and advises other students to do the same.

“While I was a MSP, I would strive to attend conferences, seminars, workshops where I would meet people.”

“Last year when I went to Johannesburg for this conference, I met Dona Sarkar, who gave me the opportunity to work at Microsoft. She was interested in the work I was doing for the community in Durban.

Get out there and network

“People should not be afraid of going out of their comfort zone, speaking to people, talking about the work they are doing. You never know that one day you may be speaking to your future employer!” said Mohapi.

According to the statement by DUT, Mohapi is looking forward to joining the team in Seattle, Washington. However, that will only be after the national lockdown ends and international travel opens up.

For this year he will be working remotely which will allow him to complete his Advanced Diploma in IT.

“Earlier this year, a position opened up where she [Sarkar] wanted someone who could help to upskill students on a global level. She contacted me, based on all the work that I have been doing.

“I applied early this year. I got the e-mail that I got the job and I started working last week Wednesday. I am working remotely for now.

“We don’t know what the future may hold. We have discussed possible outcomes after lockdown, but right now the main focus is on me getting started.

“We will discuss all other things after lockdown,” said Mohapi. Protection Status

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