New ‘Don’t Starve’ mobile-optimised game for Android and iOS [video]

There are two types of people in this world: Those who have wasted years of their lives playing Don’t Starve, and those who have never even heard of it. I don’t consort with the latter group…

Just kidding, if you’re reading this and have no clue what Don’t Starve is, allow me to bring you into our dark, dark fold. We have cookies, and by that I mean, buffalo meat. Also, campfires, things that go bump in the night and monsters out to dismember. Fun times.

‘Don’t Starve’ — What you need to know


Don’t Starve was initially released in 2013 for PC, followed by a PlayStation version in 2014. The mission, and quite frankly the only mission of the game, is simple: stay alive and don’t starve. Nothing kills you faster than starvation in this strange world.

Playing as Wilson, a “gentleman scientist”, you are abducted by the villainous creature called Maxwell after Wilson’s radio speaks to him. The creature at the other end noticed that Wilson is struggling with his chemistry experiment and knows how to solve the puzzle.

Agreeing to accept the voice’s assistance, Wilson’s head fills with the knowledge he needs. Using white rats, blood and a typewriter, he crafts a giant machine. When he switches it one, a pair of arms whisks him into the strange, strange world of Don’t Starve.

Protagonist Wilson

Unfortunately, Wilson’s only real ability is to grow a “magnificent beard”. However, having such a magnificent beard slows down freezing to death once winter comes around, so there’s that.

On your first game-day in Don’t Starve, you’ll need to find enough supplies to build a fire and make food before nightfall. If you don’t have a campfire, the shadowy monsters of this world will kill you. And if you don’t make a fire and prepare food, you’ll starve.

If you can’t stay warm in winter, you’ll starve. It’s a merciless world. It’s so much fun, kid you not.

Other ‘Don’t Starve’ characters

You can play with other characters too:

  • Willow is a pyromaniac with a unique later that never runs out of juice. She is immune to fire damage and will start fires when she has low sanity
  • Wendy can summon her dead twin sister Abigail when she’s in distress
  • Wolfgang, a strongman, has high health benefits but starves faster than the other characters and loses sanity easier.
  • WX-78 is an android who can eat rotten food without losing sanity. He takes damage from rain.
  • Wes is a mime whose ability is to make balloons. That’s it. He gets hungry real quick.
  • Wickerbottom is an insomniac witch writer and librarian who can craft science stuff without using a science machine
  • Woody is a Canadian lumberjack who has a talking axe named Lucy. He turns into a werebeaver under the full moon.

‘Don’t Starve’ — The mobile game


Gaming company Tencent announced mere minutes ago [on Wednesday 24 June 2020] that Don’t Starve: Newhome will be its next free-to-play mobile game. Don’t Starve: Newhome will expand upon the foundation of the first edition

The new release will also include the same survival gameplay mechanics and Don’t Starve’s multiplayer component. The mobile game will go into beta in July 2020. A release date has not been confirmed as yet.

The design will reportedly remain the same —the cartoonish arty style — but with a revamped progression system. The changes will be subtle as the developers don’t want to shake things up too much.

Watch: ‘Don’t Starve’ trailer Protection Status

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