New mobile gaming subscription service for SA gamers

MTN Arcade is a new mobile gaming subscription service available to millions of South African cellphone owners.

MTN Arcade allows subscribers to access hundreds of mobile games for R3 a day.

Classic titles, such as Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog, are on the platform. Gamers who love sports games have not been left out, because there are several sports games including Pro Cricket 2019, Ronaldo: Kick ‘N’ Run and Minigolf Mania 2.

MTN Arcade on iOS and Android

Players can access MTN Arcade on iOS and Android devices.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Gameloft, and we were looking for new ways to add value to our offers,” said MTN chief digital officer Ernst Fonternel.

“Their expertise in the mobile ecosystem led us to trust them with our subscription offer management.”

MTN Arcade does not get to enjoy a competition-free market, however. The Vodacom platform offers access to thousands of mobile games for a subscription cost of R5 a day. features a host of hit mobile games such as Tomb Raider and Hitman GO.

While many South Africans don’t have the money for computers and gaming consoles, most do have mobile devices which makes mobile gaming a potentially lucrative market.

As a recent report by the South African Cultural Observatory revealed there are more than 11 million gamers in South Africa. Mobile gamers make up a significant percentage of that. This, in part, is due to the increasing presence of WiFi and the ease of connecting to the internet via mobile networks.

“The ability to connect to the wireless networks meant that users could now combat mobile data costs and fully explore the functionality of mobile devices through web browsing and gaming,” the report said.

Which mobile gaming subscription?

Personal preference and budget will determine what mobile gaming subscription service to choose.

However, new platforms for gaming in South Africa are a net positive as they make the hobby more accessible. They also give opportunities for developers, both local and international, to showcase their talent. Protection Status

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