Broadcasting your favourite games: Streaming on Facebook Gaming

Facebook has invested heavily into its live streaming service and it has seen significant growth. Facebook has all the tools for people trying their hand at broadcasting their favourite games for the first time.



There is good chance you already have a Facebook account but it is important to create a dedicated gaming page so you can reach the right audience.

Go to Create a Gaming Video Creator Page and choose a name for your page.

Do not change the Category as this is what gives you access to Facebook Gaming’s audience and algorithms. After you have named your page, click continue. You can now make the usual changes you’ve come to expect from a Facebook page including updating your profile and cover photo, adding a description, and updating any other details.


If you are planning on streaming your gameplay to Facebook, you will need to download one of the many free streaming software programmes that are available, such as Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, or Xsplit.

You can as an example download and install software from Streamlabs website and let the programme analyse your internet speed and computer hardware to configure the best performance settings for you.


If you want to make your stream more appealing to viewers, you will need to add some elements such as a webcam, voice over and an overlay if you have one. Start creating a new scene by clicking on the plus sign near the bottom left hand corner. Name your scene, click done, and you are ready to get started.


Click on the plus sign that can be found in the bottom middle menu called Sources and add your gameplay footage either using Game Capture, Window Capture or Display Capture. While it’s totally up to you, we’d recommend using Game Capture, as this is the least hardware intensive of the three options. Once your gameplay is showing it is time to add your webcam to the scene.

Click on the plus sign in the Sources menu and click on Video Capture Device. Select your webcam and you should see yourself on screen.

Finally. make sure you can be heard by your audience. Adding a microphone is practically the same process. Go to Sources, Audio Capture Input and choose your microphone.


Click Live from your Facebook Gaming page located in the create bar at the top of your feed. This will open up a new page called Live Producer. You will need to copy and paste your stream key into your broadcasting software from here. Go to Settings, Stream and paste the code in where it says Stream key.

Upon completion, go to the menu on the left hand side and create a title for your video. Your title should be interesting to any viewers who may come across your stream and you will need to tag the game you are playing too. You don’t have to of course but expect a lot fewer views if you don’t. You can also add a video thumbnail image and you create some polls and questions for your viewers to interact with.

Click Go Live in your streaming software which will bring up a preview of your stream and also check the health of your stream. When you are happy with how everything looks click Go Live on the Live Producer page. You will be redirected to the Creator Studio page.


The Creator Studio is full of vital information such as your total viewers, stream information, stream health and latest comments you may have received.
When your stream is over, the Creator Studio provides a detailed breakdown of all the analytical data which should help you improve your streams in the future.

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