Google to launch new Chrome download feature on Android

Google is to launch a new download feature that will give Android users greater control over the files they download using Chrome.

There are limited download options with many people turning to dedicated download managers. This will soon no longer be necessary.

Download scheduling option

Download Later which is currently as an experimental feature will give you a new download scheduling option. The option includes you to specify a date and time to download a file. The feature also lets you save data by opting to download a file when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

You can still opt to download files straight away. The option to pause a download until a Wi-Fi connection is available makes sense if you have limited data.

Keep track of downloads

The ability to schedule downloads for a particular date and time is convenient. It means that if you want to download a large file you can schedule it at a time you are not using your phone or internet connection for anything else. Chrome makes it easy to keep track of the download you have postponed via a new Scheduled for Later tab on the Downloads page.

Testing times

You will need to be running the Canary build of Chrome If you would like to try out the new download scheduling feature. This is described by Google as being unstable but opting to use this preview version of the browser gives you a chance to try out new features earlier.

You can download Chrome Canary from Google Play and follow the steps below to enable the feature

1. Launch Chrome on your phone and pay a visit to chrome://flags
2. Search for Enable download later
3. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu
4. Restart Chrome

The next time you download a file you will be given the option of downloading immediately when there is a Wi-Fi connection available or at a specific date and time.

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