War Table’ reveal and announcements here [live stream

The developers of Marvel Avengers: War Table will share fresh gameplay and information about the co-op play mode for this Summer Game Festival event. It’s like Destiny, but better! Here’s what you need to know.

Marvel Avengers: War Table

First announcement and criticism

Marvel Avengers: War Table as revealed during E3 2019 and got a mixed reaction despite the franchise’s popularity. Most of the criticism stemmed from the fact that the game characters looked different than their MCU counterparts.

War Table will be released for on PS4 and Xbox One on 4 September, and next-gen version will also be available for the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS) and Xbox Series X in December 2020.

The good news is that users who buy the current-gen versions will have a “free upgrade path” when the new consoles are released.

When is the War Table live stream

Developers will showcase the case on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 at 19:00 South African Standard Time (SAST), or 10:00 Pacific Time (PT), 13:00 Eastern Time (ET), and 18:00 British Standard Time (BTS).

Watch: Marvel Avenges War Table live stream

‘War Table’ announcements: 24 June 2020


The developers revealed a new villain, named MODOK (short for Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing). MODOK is the leader of AIM and hellbent on framing the Avengers at all costs.

The detailed trailer showed protagonist Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) an Inhuman. The trailer also showcases Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor fighting their way past AIM agents while trying to redeem the Avengers name.

marvel avengers war table modok
Image via YouTube

Thor gameplay: ‘Once An Avenger’

After Khan follows the Avengers’ trail when they break up, you’ll advance to Thor’s story campaign called Once An Avenger. During this mission, Thor will battle against AIM bots and yield his signature hammer Mjölnir. Ah, bless.

Easily bash foes, either with melee attacks or from afar. Thor later meets up with Hulk who helps him to take down the largest AIM bot. Iron Man also joins the fight towards the end of the mission as all three Avengers destroy the bots.

What are War Zones?

War Zones are missions that can be played with up to four players, or solo with an AI companion team made up of your unlocked and level heroes. Use the War Table to launch missions with a variety of objectives and challenges.

The mission is always to stop AIM and rebuild the resistance. Get missions from Jarvis, Maria Hill and Hank Pym, among others. Pick a mission and board the jet where you’ll find more customisation options.

“War Zones range from wide-open spaces designed for exploration and team traversal to dense interiors with a variety of objective-based challenges, fights and rewards”. Protection Status

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