‘Death Stranding’ makes waves with its release on PC

Death Stranding is an action game which Kojima Productions developed and it has made huge waves with its release this month.

The hype on Death Stranding revolves around the visual aspect of the game and how stunning the designs of the landscapes, scenery and people are.

The game has bizarre characters, lengthy exposition, and indulgent cutscenes which fill it to the brim. This does not mean, however, that there is no value in the plot.

‘Death Stranding’ backstory

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding PS gaming games Sam baby

The backstory of the game seems to be pretty mind-breaking, and the storyline is interesting in an odd way.

The story follows Sam Porter Bridges (played by The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus), who is a courier delivering cargo across the apocalyptic remains of what once was the United States.

A cataclysm known as Death Stranding has driven what remains of humanity into underground cities leaving the surface abandoned and empty. Ghost-like beings known as BTs plague the land, along with rain that ages anything it touches, and other weird occurrences.

Your mission is to hike across North America, from the east coast to the west. You have to connect scattered settlements to the Chiral Network, equivalent to the internet that has been wiped out.

Baby bonding

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding PS gaming games baby

Here is where it gets a bit weird. Sam is chosen because he can detect BTs with the help of – bear with us please – a tiny infant strapped to his chest.

Other characters in the game consider these infants to be no more than equipment. But, as can be expected, Sam forms an unbreakable bond with the creepy baby. And also, just throwing this out there, Sam just so happens to be immortal.

Much of the gameplay is spent out in the open as you move slowly from one place to another.

You could describe the game as one long fetch-quest with many challenges.

Breathtaking landscapes

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding PS gaming games Sam baby

While out there, you encounter eery but breathtaking landscapes that will haunt you. As you trek across the continent, you will encounter everything from enormous, cascading waterfalls to snowy mountains, and steam-spewing volcanic fissures to raging rivers, dense forests and wide, grassy plains.

And it is not just for show, because the game is a brilliant hiking and mountaineering simulator which treats each piece of terrain as a puzzle.

This means that Sam has to be very careful and patient because one wrong move could mean being swept away in a powerful current or slipping down a steep incline. This forces you to think about your every move and makes the game that much more intense.

Multiplayer benefits

And probably the most amazing aspect of this game is the genius, asynchronous multiplayer that makes you feel as if you are not alone out there. As players traverse their world, they drop items along the way such as ladders, ropes, ziplines or other useful devices which end up in other people’s games. This is a convenient feature that benefits players a lot.

In conclusion, Death Stranding is a visual masterpiece which has astounding graphics and amazing character designs.

However, the story is where Death Stranding’s weakness lies. The finer details of the story do not capture the player’s interest and the mythology is too much to keep up with.

This game, at the end of the day, is still worth checking out. Like all other games, it has its flaws but if you can see past them then you are really in for a treat.

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