An unfinished build of Dead Island 2 has leaked and it’s playable

Although we can see that this build is incomplete due to the placeholder assets throughout the entire game, raising more questions than answers. Is this the start of something? Who leaked this build and why?

The Dead Island sequel

We now know this build to be the work of Specs Ops: The Line Maker Yager, which was commissioned by the publisher Deep Silver to make this zombie slaying sequel. This was of course before both parties decided to call it quits mostly because their “respective visions of the project fell out of alignment”, according to the CEO of Yager Timo Ullman.

After this split, the Development was then given to Sumo Digital before it was finally remanded to Dambuster. Dambuster is an internal studio of Deep Silver and they are apparently currently working on the project.

This leaked version is from the Yager Build and is labeled as being from 19 June 2015, which was only a month before it was actually cancelled.

The sequel was originally announced at E3 in 2014 with a very striking trailer that set high hopes for the release of this game.

Koch Media’s boss Klemens Kundratitz has insisted that this game and its development are still extremely important to the company.

Kundratitz has recently said, “Look, Dead Island is a very important brand for us and we’ve got to get it right. It’s just a testimony of our dedication to get it right.

“It’s a great story to tell everyone that it’s on its third studio, but we like to be judged on the end result and we’re really confident that when it comes out it’s going to be a kick-ass zombie game. We’ll certainly give it all our power.”

Similarities to the original

In the build you can see a lot of the original game such as the weird tongue twisting weapon names. We have the Destructive Brain Tangling Handgun Pistol and the Roasty Toasty Keen Combat Knife among others.

It is evident that there are many people who have got their hands on the playable build as Twitter and YouTube are currently being flooded with screenshots and gameplay videos of this highly anticipated game.

Even though there have been many issues with the actual development of Dead Island 2 and we have no inkling as to when or even if indeed it will be released, we know one thing, there are countless people eagerly waiting for it.

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