The Future of Gaming’ here [live stream]

Sony’s PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming was initially scheduled for 4 June 2020, and postponed to respect the passing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests.

At the time, Sony said the event would be delayed as it was not a time for celebration. The brand felt it should “stand back and allow more important voices to be heard”.

PS5 Games reveal: What you need to know

Date and Time

A few days later, Sony explained that the Future of Gaming event would be postponed to 11 June at 13:00 Pacific Time. For us in South Africa, it’s 22:00. Hope you’re ready!

Unfortunately, tonight’s event won’t be about Sony’s next-gen console. Instead, we’ll get a look at some of the AAA titles which will be available on the PlayStation 5.

Sony explained in the updated statement it’s important to remember “that the games we get to see Thursday will look even better when it’s being played on a PlayStation5 console with a 4K TV”.

Watch: PS5: The Future of Gaming

The stream below will go live at 22:00 South African Standard Time.

How to watch the PS5 Games reveal event

We are living in strange times; most of the tech and gaming events were cancelled this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This lead to gaming developers and publishers adjusting their events strategy

Despite the current state of affairs making it harder for developers and gaming giants, it’s quite easy for us to keep track of new developments. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection.

It’s also best to watch the event while wearing headphones, if possible. As per Sony:

“There’s some cool audio work in the show, and it might be harder to appreciate if it’s pumped through your phone or laptop speakers”.

What to expect from the games reveal?

Games, games, and more games! According to Jim Ryan, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, they will showcase some of the new games coming to the PS5 console.

For “a bit more than an hour”, we’ll be treated to some of the games that “represent the best in the industry for innovative studios that span the globe”.

Sony hasn’t confirmed which games will be showcased in tonight’s lineup, however, Horizon Zero Dawn voice actor, Michelle Jenner implied that we’d hear more about the franchise.

Guerilla Games hasn’t announced a sequel in the three years since the game was released. And well, quite honestly, it’s about time we get another instalment.

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