No DLC to be released for The Last Of Us Part II

Developer Naughty Dog is not planning on following it up with any DLC. This was confirmed by the game’s writer-director Neil Druckmann. Sad news for fans of the game, but what the creators have in store might just be enough to help them get over it.

When asked about possible DLC for the game, Druckmann responded: “No, with Last of Us I think we had some Season Pass or something that said ahead of time we have some story DLC — no there’s no plans for that [with The Last of Us Part II].”


The original Last of Us game had story DLC in the very well received Left Behind, which was part of the game’s Season Pass, but there are “no plans” for anything similar for the sequel. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t still be more The Last of Us content on the way while we wait for a possible third game. In fact, it was technically already announced.

Naughty Dog will expand the game with a multiplayer mode of some kind in the future. They also said the game will get a separate online experience down the road, possibly through a standalone title.

Most fans of The Last of Us Part II will be happy the game will have an online platform seeing as there has been a call for it in the past, but that likely won’t stop some of them from being unhappy with Naughty Dog’s decision not to add any DLC to the game.

Although the subject of DLC has been controversial and displeasing to gamers due to seemingly greedy developers, surely many gamers would have sucked it up and happily paid for any extra The Last Of Us II content. Above all, DLC adds something important, replayability, so why not.


With the launch of the PlayStation 5 coming up in a few months, it seems the next-generation console could be where the new Last of Us II multiplayer game shows up, but nothing is confirmed yet. It will be among the thousands of PS4 games that will be playable on PS5.

With a game that has broken sales records as The Last Of Us II has, it is surprising that the developers haven’t taken advantage of the hype. Whether this is due to the development of the “in doubt” Part III, remains to be seen.

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