Gamers rejoice: You can now play ‘Cuphead’ on PS4 as well

Cuphead has been a critical success since its release on PC and Xbox One. In 2019, it was released on the Nintendo Switch too.

Thankfully, PlayStation gamers do not have to watch from the side-lines any longer. Cuphead was both announced and released on PS4 on 28 July 2020.

What is ‘Cuphead’?

Cuphead is a colourful game that has you taking control of a cute anthropomorphic cup. The visual aesthetic of the game reminds you of old Disney cartoons, and it features imaginative boss battles and a catchy soundtrack.

PS4 Cuphead PlayStation 4 gaming game

Those who have played the game will know that despite its cute outer appearance, Cuphead can be a challenging game. It certainly requires a sharp mind and quick reflexes. Cuphead can be played alone, or as a co-op game. 

‘Cuphead’ is now out on PS4

Chad Moldenhauer, co-director of Cuphead’s developer Studio MDHR, announced the release on the PlayStation Blog.

As Moldenhauer explains, the game plays out in the fictional world of Inkwell Isles where Cuphead must collect souls to save himself from the devil. In co-op mode, players can also take control of Cuphead’s brother Mugman.

Moldenhauer stressed how important the influence of 1930s cartoons had been on Cuphead.

The studio even used “the same techniques of animation studios of the era”. In addition to the background of watercolour paintings, the soundtrack to Cuphead also features over three hours of jazz by live musicians.

The game debuted on South Africa’s PS Store at the price of R319, which is a good deal for a game with many levels and hours of gameplay.

The trailer

The announcement of Cuphead came with a trailer made using stop-motion. Stop Motion Department, a Toronto-based studio, put it together.

Staying authentic to its source material, the puppets in the trailer feature “wooden heads, leather hands, and lots of primary shapes to reflect the children’s toys of the 1930s”. As seen, the product is amusingly quirky and a visual splendour.

More ‘Cuphead’ on the way?

The Cuphead Show! is an animated series that will screen on Netflix. The announcement on Netflix explains that the “new series will expand on the characters and world of Cuphead”.

This is sure to be a treat for fans of the game who want more of Cuphead, Mugman and the world of Inkwell Isles.

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