Identify threats in your inbox

Microsoft has revealed new details on a number of planned updates for Office 365 that will provide companies with additional information regarding the spam emails and other threats in their inboxes.

Microsoft laid out its plans for improvements to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in a post on its Microsoft 365 roadmap.


The first of these is the addition of a spam verdict within Threat Explorer so that customers will be able to identify if an email is malware, phish or spam. Microsoft also plans to add a Threat Type Filter for All Email View so that customers can look at all of their emails at once and filter out the malicious ones.


Microsoft will introduce additional actions to identify if post delivery actions like Exchange Online’s zero hour auto purge (ZAP) or Manual Remediation were applied to an email.

Microsoft will update the delivery location of emails to show both the original and the latest delivery location when it comes to where emails originate from. Microsoft will also update the email timeline to make it simpler and show more details about post delivery events such as ZAP.


Microsoft said that it will be extending Top Targeted Users to Phish and all Email. This will help companies better understand which employees receive the most threats via email so that they can better educate them when it comes to best practices for email security. Customers will even be able to export their list of Top Targeted Users for offline analysis.

The enhancements to Office 365 will roll out during Q3 of this year and will be available for all customers with an Advanced Threat Protection plan.

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