Windows 10 Tips app will show users what’s new in an update

Microsoft is releasing a new Tips app to make it easier for users to learn more about the new features in an update.

The new Tips app should help users who are actively using a Windows 10 device. This will assist people who are not keeping abreast of the latest features being tested in the Windows Insider programme or highlighted through Microsoft blogs.

New post update experience

The new post update experience is currently being rolled out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel on the Windows 10 preview Build 20190. It follows the release of the Windows 10 May 2020 update.

Brandon LeBlanc, a senior programme manager on the Windows Insider Programme said, “We know that it doesn’t always feel clear what changed with a major update, or even how you can learn about and try out new features and improvements. This means that updates can feel time consuming without real benefit to you and we want to change that.”

Tips app will highlight all major changes

The Tips app will highlight all the major changes in the next feature update after the update is installed. The preview build will see a new Tips app that shows some of the most recent new features from the latest Insider Preview builds in the Dev Channel.

Windows 10 Insider users need to check the “Show me the Windows welcome experience” checkbox in Settings > System > Notifications & actions. The feature is currently rolling out in the Windows 10 preview build 20190 in the US, UK, Australia, India and Canada.

You need to wait until it has finished rolling out if it is not being shown in Windows 10 preview 20190.

Versatile graphics settings

The latest preview of Windows 10 also adjusts the Graphics Settings page to allow users to pick a default high performance GPU. Users can pick a specific GPU based on the application on systems with multiple GPUs.

This can be done via Settings > System > Display > Graphics settings, or Settings > Gaming > Graphics settings.

Improvement in optional updates with Tips app

Microsoft is also improving the information available about optional updates. Microsoft updated its Settings page to show more information about optional updates which often fix bugs.

Users can go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View optional updates to see what optional updates are available. This should help users avoid using Device Manager to see whether there are update drivers for specific devices.

Windows Update will automatically keep drivers updated.

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