‘FIFA 21’ scores an early goal with career mode trailer

Before online gaming became a phenomenon and Ultimate Team took over the FIFA landscape, manager mode was the go-to for gamers.

From PlayStation 2 to 3 and on Xbox 360, fans would take the reins of their favourite team as manager and lead them to glory.

Also, from transfer markets to training and squad selection, the game mode had players hooked.

However, after changing the manager mode to newly named “career mode” in recent years, the updates have slowed down. Online modes in the franchise have dominated.

Then pre-order bonuses stopped including any career mode gems and new features stopped becoming a thing in recent editions.

This year, though, FIFA 21 career mode is set for its biggest overhaul in over a decade.

So, let’s take a look at some of the new career mode features available on FIFA 21

Interactive match simulation

A feature once available back in the day makes a return and it’s better than before.

Once called “virtual sim”, interactive simulation allows managers to adopt a more tactical and faster paced approach to matches.

In this, managers make all-important decisions from the touchline and watch their impact on the pitch from a top-down view.

According to FIFA, managers will be able to interact with team management, change game plans and monitor team and opponent information in real-time.

And it certainly looks fascinating in the trailer!

The new player development feature is a fully revamped player growth system. FIFA 21 is enabling gamers to grow their squad.

‘FIFA 21’ player development

You can develop and get players to specialise in various roles based on their playing position. You also can improve attributes that best fit your style of play.

Whether you favour playing out from the back, possession, or fast counter-attacks, you can instruct your players to focus their growth where you want.

What’s more, you also can convert players to other positions, allowing for more freedom and control to manage your squad.

This new feature gives a chance to players who fall out of favour in their original role, giving you more flexibility.

New transfer options and improvements

The modern-day transfer market has been going through some changes and FIFA 21 claims to better reflect that in the game.

With loan-to-buy, swap deals and contract renewal improvements, FIFA 21 has completely overhauled the transfer system in career mode. All in all, this makes it an immersive transfer experience.

Have a look at all these features and more in the all-new FIFA 21 career mode trailer:

‘FIFA’ fans react

Here are some of the reactions from the FIFA community to the new features:

  • You can pre-order FIFA 21 digitally and at selected retailers worldwide ahead of the 9 October release date. The game will also feature a free dual-entitlement feature. This enables gamers who purchase the game on PS4 to upgrade to the PS5 edition at no extra cost when the new console releases. Protection Status

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