The first chapter of ‘Hellseed’ shows a photo-realistic horror game

Profenix Studio SRLS has released Hellseed, its first game on early access. It is expected to stay on early access until October 2020 when the full game will be released.

The studio is developing the game with an engine it created, called S2 Engine HD.

Hellseed is a first-person horror adventure game with puzzles and some action elements.

One of the ‘scariest releases this year’

Profenix Studio SRLS is an indie company in Benevento, Italy, born from the individual company Profenix Studio di Fabio Di Paola in Naples. It is a small company with only two releases out so far, one of which is Hellseed.

This contributes largely to the lack of attention the game is receiving. However, this game could be considered one of the scariest releases this year.

A scene from Hellseed horror

What do we know about ‘Hellseed’ so far?

Up until recently, the studio has only released images of the game on its Steam page. However, with the release of the free demo on Steam, there is more gameplay available on YouTube.

Channels such as UltimateGamerz and DerkFerk offer 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay from the demo.

The graphics in the game are very realistic and add to the game’s unsettling atmosphere.

The pictures in this article may give you an idea of how to navigate the world and interact with the environment. It also gives players an idea of the mechanics of the game.

Much like Outlast, it seems that the player has to manage their health and torch batteries.

There are a lot of shadows and dark corners for monsters to hide in. So, it would be smart to prepare yourself accordingly as there are some hard-core jump scares.

A scene from Hellseed

What is the game about?

Hellseed is set in Italy in 1980 and players take on the role of a detective.

Said detective must investigate the disappearance of a doctor from a local psychiatric hospital.

The investigation begins at the doctor’s house, which seems abandoned. However, there is something amiss in the house.

A dark presence shadows you as you make your way throughout the house, at times chasing you.

You find clues and uncover puzzles that reveal the relationship between the doctor and the dark presence. Your only options are to run and hide.

The game features:

  • Realistic graphics: With the S2ENGINE HD the game performs a photo-realistic environment that will completely immerse you.
  • Horror atmosphere: Inspired by classic Italian horror cinematography, there are a lot of jump scares and references to Italian culture.
  • Puzzles and investigation: Using a well-structured inventory, players will be able to collect and examine objects to solve puzzles.
  • Chasing gameplay: A dark presence will start to chase you at a certain point in the game, you must run and hide using what the environment offers you.

If you are a fan of puzzling solving horror games, then definitely take a look at the very underrated Hellseed. Chapter 1 is now available on Steam. Protection Status

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