Never-before-seen video game footage – Watch it here

In the words of Marvel Avengers, “it’s time to assemble”. Previously unseen footage was shared just a day ahead of the game’s release on Friday 4 September 2020. We’ll embed the video in this article.

“Years ago, we set out on a mission; to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Today – although we remain physically distanced around the world – our team celebrates this major milestone as one”.

Watch: Unseen Marvel Avengers video game footage

Marvel’s Avengers plot

The developers revealed a new villain, named MODOK (short for Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing) during the War Table event. MODOK is the leader of AIM and hellbent on framing the Avengers.

The detailed trailer showed protagonist Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) an Inhuman. The trailer also showcases Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor fighting their way past AIM agents while trying to redeem the Avengers name.

After Khan follows the Avengers’ trail when they break up, you’ll advance to Thor’s story campaign called Once An Avenger. During this mission, Thor will battle against AIM bots and yield his signature hammer Mjölnir. Ah, bless.

Easily bash foes, either with melee attacks or from afar. Thor later meets up with Hulk who helps him to take down the largest AIM bot. Iron Man also joins the fight towards the end of the mission as all three Avengers destroy the bots.

Watch: Marvel’s Avenger trailer

“Being a Marvel fan myself I can’t wait for you all to play this game that we’ve been dreaming about for years. Welcome and hope you have a great time with friends!” 

Jing Jin, Senior Technical Artist 

Marvel’s Avengers War Zone Director, Philippe Therien, said in a recent announcement that “it’s been over three years since Marvel’s Avengers was announced, and now it’s just around the corner”.

He added that the War Zone team is “super excited” to share their Avengers vision and look forward celebrate the launch with the franchise’ loyal fans. Therien also tips and tricks on how to make the most of the game.

Optimise your resources and boost gear

Therien said it’s important to level up your AI companions as they will assist in your fight against AIM and future threats. “Even if you play multiplayer co-op, you’ll find that you’ll still need them later on”, he warns.

He explains that there are many ways to play Marvel’s Avengers and suggests to focus on equipping gear that strengthens and synergises with how you like to battle, once you know your personal playstyle.

However, he add that it is “never a bad idea to carry around a different toolkit for a different job”. He says to always “keep an eye on mission modifiers” and base your gear choices around that.

“If you typically use damage enhancing gear but have a set of defensive gear you can equip, a tough fight can become a lot easier. You can store gear in the heli-carrier so it doesn’t take up space and can also access this gear once you’re in the Quinjet awaiting to launch a mission”. Protection Status

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