Cash Crusaders launches WhatsApp eCommerce service

Second hand and new goods retailer, Cash Crusaders has launched a WhatsApp service to optimise customer interaction across its franchising business.

Cash Crusader said that the WhatsApp facility has been set up (and manned) within each of the 225 stores nationwide, to conduct new and used good sales, as well as negotiate the buying or pawning of an item with a customer before they enter the store.

“We’ve used the past few months as an opportunity to interrogate the processes we follow as a business and to challenge ourselves on ways we can do business differently by embracing tech that will continue to deliver the Cash Crusaders experience, virtually,” said Sean Stegmann, chief executive officer of Cash Crusaders.

How it works:

Buying – customers who want to buy a product they see online can now contact their store via WhatsApp (chat, call or video call). An in-store expert will demo the product if needed and if customer is happy, he/she can complete the transaction quickly and efficiently when visiting the store.

Selling or pawning – WhatsApp allows the customer to show his/her product to the store buyer – who is skilled across a multitude of industries, to get the best possible purchase/loan price on that item. If the item passes the in-store testing when the customer visits the store, Cash Crusaders will complete the transaction there and then.

The WhatsApp service can also be used for selling and collecting of items from home, the group said.

“Customers who would like to make cash from their clean out on items like laptops, cell phones, appliances or even furniture, will get an appropriate offer from the store. If the customer accepts the offer, the store will collect the item from the customer’s home,” it said.

For customers to get in touch with their local store, they will simply need to log onto the Cash Crusader’s Store Locator, find their closest store, click on the ‘Talk to us on WhatsApp’ link.

“Businesses across the globe have not only needed to implement significant operational changes that will keep customers safe, but have been forced to push the envelope as far as customer interaction in a digital realm is concerned and we believe this service has done just that,” said Stegmann.

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