The best offline Android games you can play now

The best mobile games don’t require an internet connection and are best played solo or with headphones jammed in your ears. Here are the best offline Android games you can play right now.

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XCOM is the number one best Android game offline. This strategy franchise throws you into the middle of an arms race with aliens invading your planet. It mixes turn based play with base and resource management making each player pull out all their skills in order to succeed.


Terraria combines the crafting and survival game elements of Minecraft with a 2D retro platform adventure.

Terraria is available on PC and mobile and appeals to humans most primal instinct which is looting. Prepare to spend centuries digging deep down into Terraria’s world to collect and upgrade your belongings because this is one fun and addicting game.


You know that feeling when you are watching a detective show and they show up at the suspect’s house and hear screaming inside? Your expertise in law tells you that now the police have probable cause to enter the residence without a warrant. So what do they do now? Kick down that door.

You are presented with blueprints of buildings and can choose the gear your guys will need to infiltrate as you plan their infiltration. Door Kickers’ real-time tactical gameplay will be sure to satisfy all of your door kicking fantasies.


There are two main modes of play — survival and creative.

The survival mode is exactly how it sounds. You are dropped into a world and are tasked with staying alive. You need to gather supplies to build a shelter, feed yourself and protect yourself.

The creative mode is more like a sandbox. You start out with supplies and are set loose to create whatever your innermost heart desires.


San Andreas is a spin-off from the original Grand Theft Auto games. GTA is an open world action adventure game that combines third person shooter and driving game elements to make for some intriguing and entertaining gameplay.


Planescape: Torment is praised for having one of the best video game storylines of all time and has been credited as an inspiration of other popular RPG games. Travel the world to discover how you became immortal as you try to regain your lost memories.


It is described as one of the best Star Wars games ever made. It is set 4000 years before the Galactic Empire rises to power so you get to explore an era that is rarely seen. The awesome pairing of storytelling and RPG gameplay makes KOTOR a game you do not want to miss.


Battle Chasers contains gorgeous hand-drawn art that stays true to the comic book style while offering JRPG-style battles and cool storytelling your gameplay, Battle Chasers is a detailed and rich world that players will get lost in for hours.


The Baldur’s Gate series most applauded features is the phenomenally comprehensive world building. You start out disoriented and imprisoned. Escaping your cruel enslavement is only the beginning of your adventure. The Baldur’s Gate series still turns heads decades later.


The first thing you will notice about the Banner Saga is its unique art style, giving this dark fantasy adventure a special appeal.

Follow two nomadic groups who only have one goal: to survive. This mobile game mixes elements from Final Fantasy and The Oregon Trail to make for a fresh gaming experience.

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