WhatsApp update introduces new Animated Sticker Pack, fixes storage bug

WhatsApp recently rolled out a host of new features, including wallpaper dimming and new animated sticker packs. The new features are currently in beta testing mode and not available to the public yet.

Once the testing phase is complete, the features will be rolled out globally.

“WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to”.


WhatsApp update version

Storage Usage bug fix

According to WABeta Info, the latest update also includes a fix for the “Storage Usage” bug. The bug caused the app to crash repeatedly.

“In the previous update, WhatsApp crashed when [users] tried to open this section. Note that the bug that reset your ‘Recent Used Emojis’ might not be fixed yet”.


Wallpaper dimming

WhatsApp developers are also working on a new feature called “Wallpaper Dimming”. It will enable users to choose the opacity of their WhatsApp wallpaper; and would, in turn, enhance your user experience.

According to beta testers who already have access to the feature, it’s as easy as toggling left or right to change the opacity of the wallpaper. One tester said in the discord that you’d be able to change the colour “to suit your eyes”.

Signature Doodles

You’d also get an option to choose between a plain wallpaper or WhatsApp doodles on the wallpapers; the latter being a solid wallpaper in a chat with doodles on it. Users can also choose to have just a plain wallpaper.

Beta testers confirmed that the doodle wallpaper was made available only “in a single shade for both dark and light colours”. Telegram released similar features back in 2019.

New call button

WABeta Info confirmed in a separate blog post that WhatsApp is “experimenting with a new Call button”. The button will reportedly combine voice and video call shortcuts.

“Initially it will be available in business chats only (if they provide a catalogue), but we must not exclude the possibility that they will expand the feature for other chats too”.


WhatsApp animated sticker pack

The new sticker pack, called “Usagyuuun”, will be available for Android and iOS users. The pack was designed by Quan Inc, and the tagline describes it as “a little bit peppy, a little bit bizarre”.

It had been noted in the past that WhatsApp sticker packs are “bumpy and unattractive”, and this should hopefully be rectified with the upcoming update. The size of the new sticker pack is listed as 3.5MB.

WABeta Info said that WhatsApp is “currently working to implement these features and they will be available in a future update”.

Whatsapp update Usagyuuun Android
Image via WABetaInfo

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