How to play Nvidia GeForce Now games on Chromebook

Nvidia GeForce Now brings top flight gaming to your Chromebook for free. You however need to check for Chromebooks that your system is V77 or newer. You can check by typing chrome://version in the address bar and read off the very top number.


Nvidia GeForce Now is not a universal cloud gaming system. It has to directly support and offer the games you might be interested in even though those games will technically be on any of the Steam, Epic or UPlay gaming services.

The more popular and new a game is the more likely it will be listed.


It is worth signing up for Nvidia GeForce Now just to test it out on your Chromebook. New games are being added all of the time and many are free which requires you to create an account.

You can go to www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now and sign up to create an Nvidia GeForce Now account There are two basic tiers.

Standard (Free): This offers one hour of cloud gaming per session. The total number of available gaming slots is limited so paying members go ahead of you in any queue.

Priority member: You are moved ahead of all Standard members in any queues and you get extended gaming sessions up to six hours. RTX raytracing is available with compatible games.


You need to own a copy of the game already available on a suitable gaming service such as Steam, Epic and UPlay to play anything on Nvidia GeForce Now. The homepage provides a small selection of the latest and most popular supported games such as Fortnite, Assassins Creed and Hitman.

The easiest way to find a game you might want to play is use the find and add your games search button on the left. Click this and as you type a list of possible games will appear which will list the same game for Steam, Epic and UPlay as separate options. If it is not already added to your GeForce Now account, click the + Library button.


You will now be able to launch a game by clicking the green Play button that appears when you hover the mouse over the game’s icon. Click play and GeForce Play Now will attempt to spin up a dedicated gaming rig which takes a few seconds.

If one is not available right you will be placed in a queue for the next available one.

You will need to on the first run log into the gaming service used for this game by GeForce Now. Currently this could be Steam, Epic or UPlay. You will need to use your username and password. The time you run this game it will jump start automatically.


Nvidia RTX ray tracing is available for paid Founders Membership that own games that support the technology.

Nvidia RTX will be enabled in game by default but you can still change the game’s graphical settings and set the image quality to the max.

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