Console price reportedly leaked ahead of Sony announcement

We’re hours away from the Sony September Showcase and we’re hoping for a price and release date for the next-gen PS5 Blu-Ray and Digital-Only console. We may have an indication of how much the PS5 could cost…

Update: We have a price! Sony finally confirmed that the PS5 Blu-Ray console will be priced $499, while the Digital Edition will have a $399 price tag. Both devices will be available from 19 November in some countries.

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PS5 price speculation

Spanish retailer leak

AllGamesDelta shared a leak on Twitter earlier this week. The photo was reportedly taken at one of Spain’s biggest retailers, El Corte Inglés, and shows the price for the Playstation 5 consoles.

If the image is real, then El Corte Inglés will be selling the Blu-Ray PS5 console for €499 ($590 / R9 600), and the digital-only console for €399 ($475 / R7 700 at the time of publishing).

El Corte Inglés used code names while loading stock, with the €499 entry titled Aurea Consola, and the €399 as Enigma Consola. Another user predicted: “PS5: $450 [R7 300] and Digital: $400 [R6 500]”. Another added:

“Except the placeholder prices listed are €499.90 and €399.90, which translates to $584.89 and $467.88 USD”.

Martin McNeil

McNeil added that he suspects Sony will be “targeting $550 and $450 launch prices, and those would have been a modest loss per console sold”.

ps5 price
Image via Twitter.

Different rates for South Africa

However, the price point for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is anything to go by, we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up. The Xbox Series X is priced at $499.

While that translates to R8 100, Xbox South Africa announced that the Series X would cost R11 999 here, while the X Box Series Cost will be priced R6 999. It hardly seems fair, but I digress.

Whatever the price may be, both Sony’s and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles is the start of a new era for the video game industry. We will now be transitioning to faster devices with better features.

We’re going to go ahead and predict that the PS5 console would be priced at R10 999.

PS5 Event: Sony’s September showcase

Sony will hopefully be sharing the price during the September showcase later tonight, at 22:00 South African Standard Time (SAST). If you’re watching from elsewhere in the world, that would be 13:00 PT (Pacific Time)

The PS5 event will start at 16:00 for those in Eastern Time (ET) time zone, and 21:00 British Summer Time (BST). If you’re based in India, get ready for a 1:30 ISD on Thursday. Japan, set your alarm for 5:00 JST.

Viewers from China can tune in from 4:00 China Standard Time (CST). Those in Australia will need to be ready at 6:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). New Zealanders, that’s 5:00 for you.

Sony’s digital September showcase will “weigh in at around 40 minutes”, and will feature updates on all the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and Sony’s world-class development partners. 

We’ll include an embed to the live stream here. Protection Status

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