Here’s how to watch Sony’s September 2020 showcase [video]

On 12 September 2020, Sony announced that it would be hosting a live stream on Wednesday [today] to give us “one more look” at some of the games coming to the Playstation 5 (PS5) console.

PS5 Event: September 2020 Showcase

Time and Place

The place is online and the time is 22:00 SAST. If you’re watching from elsewhere in the world, that would be 13:00 PT (Pacific Time), 16:00 Eastern Time (ET) and 21:00 British Summer Time (BST).

If you’re based in India, get ready for a 1:30 ISD on Thursday 17 September. Japan, set your alarm for 5:00 JST, while viewers from China can tune in from 4:00 China Standard Time (CST).

Those in Australia will need to be ready at 6:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). New Zealanders, that’s 5:00 for you.

Watch: PS5 event: September showcase

Other than watching the event straight from here, you can also watch the live stream on Sony’s Twitch channel, and PlayStation YouTube channel.

What to expect

Sony will be sharing more information about games, pricing (hopefully) for both the Blu-Ray console and the digital-only console, as well as confirmed release date. This is pretty much all Sony had to say:

“Tune in live on Twitch or YouTube this Wednesday, 16 September at 13:00 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), 21:00 British Summer Time (BST), 22:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) [and South African Standard Time) to see what’s next for PS5”.

We have a lead on the consoles’ price. Read more here: PS5 price reportedly leaked ahead of Sony’s PS5 event

Sony’s digital September showcase will “weigh in at around 40 minutes”, and will feature updates on all the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and Sony’s world-class development partners. 

Stream predictions missed the mark

The rumour mill initially believed that a PS5 announcement would be coming our way on 9 September 2020; it was the 25th anniversary of the release of the PlayStation 1, after all.

In addition to that, UK retailer Game Guildford hinted that a Sony PS5 event would be happening during that same week. In a now-deleted tweet, Game Guildford said:

“Those awaiting pre-orders and have Ryi: please stand by for updates. PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week.”

Other than Game in the UK teasing an event for 9 September, PlayStation 5 leakster @foxygames_uk posted a tweet with the caption, “SEPTEMBER #PS5”; along with an image of the 2009 animated movie 9. Protection Status

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