Here’s how to watch shows with friends on Facebook Messenger

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people from all over the world were forced to take their social lives online, more so than ever before. Zoom conferences and Netflix Party hangout become common practice. Now, we have Watch Together too.

Facebook joined the fray and added a new Watch Together features that lets you watch movies and series with your friends; the perfect addition to our pandemic-riddled world. Facebook said in a statement:

“We created Watch Together to make spending quality time with friends and loved ones feel as close to an in-person experience as possible”.

Facebook Messenger Watch Together

Facebook said in the announcement post that “some things are simply better together”, and explained that they rolled out several new tools througout the course of the years bring users together.

Users will be able to watch videos and TV shows together. The promo image, for example, shows a group of social-distanced friends watching the series Community together. The post adds:

“So go ahead and oooh and ahhh over a video by your favourite celebrity, shed a tear over a puppy rescue video, laugh out loud at the latest viral videos; scream during Blair Witch or feel nostalgic while watching your favourite episode of ‘Community’”.

Facebook adds that the Watch Together feature “will help you feel together even when you’re not”, and to be honest, some of us can really do with a virtual pick-me-up during these strange, strange times.

facebook watch together messenger
Image supplied: Facebook

Content and availability

Facebook has yet to confirm which movies and series will be available to stream on Watch Together; however, guaranteed content includes the original content uploaded and shared on Facebook Watch.

The Watch Together streaming feature, which rolled out on earlier this month, is free and will be available on Messenger and Messenger Rooms for the iPhones and Android apps.

The celebrate the launch, Facebook partnered with celebrity fitness trainer and author Melissa Alcantara; who created a series of fitness videos to enable people to virtually work out with their friends.

How to use Watch Together on Facebook Messenger

You’ll need to download the Messenger app on your phone if you’re not using it already. Then simply start a Messenger call or create a Messenger Room.

Once that’s set up, swipe up to access the menu and select the Watch Together option. Videos are divided in categories – Uploaded, Watched, TV & Movies – and you simply a select a video from there.

Facebook’s algorithms will also suggest videos to view. You’ll be able to stream with up to eight people in a video call; and up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms. Have fun!

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