WhatsApp to reportedly release an ‘expiring media’ feature

As reported by WABeta Info, WhatsApp this week submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program. The updated version includes a new ‘expiring media’ feature. Here’s what we know.

WhatsApp’s ‘expiring media’ feature

Currently under development

WhatsApp’s latest beta test is a feature called Expiring Media, similar to Telegram’s ‘disappearing messages’. The update will be an extension of the Expiring Messages feature. WABeta Info explains:

“When the user decides to send an expiring media (images, videos and GIFs), the media will disappear in the recipient’s phone, once he leaves the chat”.

The official name of the feature, as per the beta update, is Expiring Media. The status is currently set to “under development, and availability is simply described as “in a future build”.

WhatsApp is currently testing the feature for Android devices, and there’s no confirmation at this stage if it will roll out on iPhone devices as well. The two images below show the feature in beta on an Android device.

Expiring Media in action

Once the feature is enabled, the user can tap the new button to send the media with the expiration”.

Whatsapp update expiring messages
Image via WhatsApp Beta info

After tapping the button, the feature will show a timer for the selected media, next to the caption:

Whatsapp update expiring messages
Image via WhatsApp Beta info

WABeta explains that in the second image, “there isn’t a timer to set, because the image will completely disappear after viewing it”.

In addition, it won’t be replaced with a message “This media has expired”, as is the case with revoked messages; it will only disappear from the chat. The image below shows how the message will appear in a chat thread.

Notice the timer next to the word “photo”? That’s to show that it’s an “expiring image”.

Whatsapp update expiring messages
Image via WhatsApp Beta info

Security features and release date

The feature will be end-to-end encrypted like all other conversations on the platform. There’s no timeline for the Expiring Media feature, unfortunately.

It could be released in 2021 for all we know, especially when we take into consideration how long it took the developer’s team to complete Dark Mode.

The WhatsApp Beta team said they’ll be monitoring the beta updates; additional information will be releases via on social media, Telegram and Discord.

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