New season six patch update released

Infinity Ward and Activision’s popular game Call of Duty has just released some new updates to Warzone. The new additions are packed with new maps, Halloween themed events, and brand new modes.

Infinity Ward is definitely bringing in big changes to the Verdansk map, and there are even two new weapons to play with.

‘Call of Duty Warzone’ update: What you need to know

Previously teased operators Nikolai and Farah are available to play alongside the addition of fast travel in Warzone. This is made possible by the introduction of a seven-stop subway system.

The subway system

Dubbed the “Metro”, the subway system has operational trains that allow players to fast travel between places.

Subway stations will also be filled with loot to find, but trains won’t be operational unless there is trouble, the train will also not go to areas outside the circle.

The weapons

There are some amazing new weapons available in the battle pass access. The weapons gallery includes a silenced assault rifle as well as a bolt action marksman rifle.

The SP-R 208 marksman rifle only gets unlocked at Tier 15, and it deals incredibly high damage accuracy. It has an impressive range against low fire rate, mobility, and control.

Then there is the AS Val which is a really interesting Tier 31 unlock. A Russian gun with a built-in suppressor and high fire rate. You’ll be dealing with some immense damage and mobility, but the immense fire rate means the recoil will take some time getting used to.

‘Call of Duty’ season six release date

The new Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is already live. The timing and usual release time of Modern Warfare’s seasons mean that this will probably be
the last season before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

Call of Duty fans like myself should definitely give this one a try.

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