Your free PS4 games are ‘Vampyr’ and ‘Need For Speed’

The spooky Halloween season is upon us, and PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) revealed their new games for October. From 6 October 2020, members can play Need for Speed: Payback as well as Vampyr.

Need for Speed is a popular racing game while Vampyr is an action RPG. Let’s take a closer look at these titles.

Sony PS Plus Games for October 2020

‘Vampyr’ on PS4

Vampyr is an action-RPG that didn’t get much attention when it was released in 2018. In the game, you play Dr Jonathan Reid, a man who underwent the Hippocratic oath to help the people of London. There is just one snag; he is now a newly turned vampire.

This creates a moral dilemma and all during an influenza outbreak. Your choices in the game affect both the gameplay and the story, and the game combines third-person combat with supernatural powers.

The character has several inner monologues that determine whether he saves or feeds on the people of London.

Watch: ‘Vampyr’ story trailer

‘Need for Speed: Payback’ on PS4

Fans of the racing game Need for Speed can get the 2017 entry, Payback. The series, which is developed by Ghost Games takes place in an open-world environment that is inspired by Las Vegas.

Payback has online multiplayer as well as single-player capabilities, and the story mode of the game features three playable characters. It boasts more than 70 vehicles to choose from, and PlayStation described it as a “four-wheeled action blockbuster”.

The game goes fast and furious in Payback, with a new story about revenge and you play members of a racing crew. There’s speed-freak Tyler, drifter Mac, and car thief Jess.

Watch: ‘Need for Speed: Payback’ trailer

The story is split amongst three characters which give you the option to enjoy the game in many formats.

If you haven’t got enough of September’s freebies yet, don’t worry as Street Fighter V and PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will remain available until 5 October 2020.

Becoming a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus package will cost you about R149,25 for one month. Here’s what you need to know about PS Plus, its free games and playing online.

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