Definitive Edition’ and ‘Crash Bandicoot 4’

If you are looking for something new to play, you are currently spoilt for choice. The latest releases — Mafia: Definitive Edition and Crash Bandicoot 4 — have both received good scores on Metacritic, a popular review aggregator.

‘Crash Bandicoot’ spins his way to the top 

Crash Bandicoot is a series that has long been associated with PlayStation, although many of the games have since been ported to other platforms.

Like many of the prior games, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a platformer that requires lightning-fast reflexes and precision to complete each level. The star of Crash Bandicoot is a cute marsupial, named Crash, who jumps and spins his way through obstacles. 

The game was released on 2 October and debuted on Metacritic with a score of 85, indicating “generally favourable reviews” which is good news for fans of the series. gave the game a perfect score. They praise its “precision platforming set in beautiful, cartoon-inspired levels”.

The reviewer, Mike Minotti, also commends the game’s boss fights and claims that they are “full of surprises that test your platforming prowess”. 

Rapid-fire homages to Crash’s past

Many critics note that Crash Bandicoot 4 is faithful to the series, and that long-time fans will feel right at home. The popular gaming site IGN gave the game an 8/10.

The reviewer writes that “Crash Bandicoot 4 makes rapid-fire homages to Crash’s past” and, in praise, adds that the game “has not only recaptured the magic of the original trilogy but added to it in new, exciting, and seriously tough ways”.

Similar sentiments are echoed by Gamespot who claim that Crash Bandicoot 4 “impeccably preserves the vibrant look and feel of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy, while integrating new ideas and platforming possibilities”.

Mafia: Definitive Edition’: A welcome blast from the past

Of course, platformers are not for everyone. Some of us prefer to put on a dusty fedora and black trench-coat before venturing into the seedy underworld of mobsters.

If exploring intricate urban open worlds and engaging in intense gun fights sounds like a good time to you, then Mafia: Definitive Edition is worth a try. 

Released on 25 September, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of the classic 2002 video game Mafia. It debuted with an impressive Metacritic score of 79 on PC and Xbox One, and 76 on PS4. These scores indicate “generally favourable reviews”. 

Shining example of a good remake

 As is the case with Crash Bandicoot 4, critics are happy with how Mafia: Definitive Edition has remained faithful to the formulas established by its predecessors. compliment the game’s visuals and claim it has “done a fantastic job overhauling the original Mafia while staying true to its spirit”. note that we are in a time that is rife with remakes both good and bad.

However, they describe Mafia: Definitive Edition as a “a shining example of exactly what a remake can be”. 

They give the give the game a 4/5 and conclude by calling it a “stunning remake that improves upon so much while staying true to its original vision”.

There were a few common criticisms, however. A recurring complaint was that the shooting mechanics felt unsatisfactory.

Gamerant, who gave the game a 3.5/5, complained that the cover-based shooting mechanics felt outdated. Game Informer did not mince their words, writing that the “gunplay is awful” before giving the game a surprisingly low score of 5.5 out of 10. 

Watch the official trailer for ‘Mafia: Definitive Edition’ here:

Both recent releases scored very well and demonstrate that there is something out there for everyone. If you are looking for cartoonish platformer fun that tests your reflexes, Crash Bandicoot 4 will satisfy you.

If a gritty crime story set in a beautiful open world is more to your liking, then Mafia Definitive Edition is for you. Either way, there is more than enough to keep you occupied as the world eagerly awaits the upcoming release of the next-gen consoles. Protection Status

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