MTN launches new YelloBucks rewards programme

MTN has launched its new YelloBucks programme which will offer loyalty points and rewards to customers.

The group said that users will be able to use the rewards to access savings on more than 300 catalogued products and offering from 31 partners.

All rewards will be accessible through the MyMTN app or by dialling the *234# USSD code.

Every R1 spent on recharge bundles or subscriptions earn customers 1 YelloBuck. One YelloBuck is allocated for every day a customer is active on the MTN network.

Customers can also earn additional YelloBucks by registering on digital services such as MusicTime or CallerTunez.

MTN said that rewards will be introduced in a staggered approach, as they are developed. Some of the current benefits include:

  • Expanded offers for redemption in the MyMTN Rewards catalogue – including music streaming, video and entertainment offers;
  • The ability to redeem YelloBucks for social media bundles including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Multiproduct bonuses and milestone rewards;
  • Gifting and games.

MTN said that it will launch the following features over the coming months:

  • A tiering system with greater redemption benefits and bonuses for higher tiers;
  • A family consolidation feature – the ability to earn and spend as a family by pooling earned YelloBucks;
  • Partner discount vouchers;
  • Booster rewards.

“As tough economic conditions continue to impact the prices of goods and services everywhere, more South African consumers are looking to rewards to stay ahead,” said Mapula Bodibe, chief consumer officer at MTN South Africa.

“We want to ensure our loyal customers can enjoy additional opportunities to save and benefit from our wide catalogue of offers.

“The foundation of the programme has an easy to understand catalogue that explains how to earn and redeem points, allowing customers to work towards exiting redemption options.”

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