A totally new game with Arms Race mode

Borderlands 3 upcoming game mode Arms Race is a totally new game. Gearbox Software has not revealed the details of Borderlands 3‘s newest game mode as part of its upcoming DLC.


The new mode is called Arms Race and the point of it according to Gearbox is “to make every gun matter in a really interesting way.” What exactly the mode is remains unknown.

Graeme Timmins, lead level designer said, “Our goal with Arms Race is to make the gun game in our game of millions of guns really matter. And I can talk about that game mode for hours. I’m so excited about it, but we will have to wait. I’ll say it’s got its own environment and just leave it at that.”

It sounds like quite the challenge considering that Timmins isn’t exaggerating. The Borderlands series has a ridiculous number of possible weapons.


Randy Pitchford CEO said Arms Race makes Borderlands 3 feel like a totally new game.

“I cannot wait until we can share more about this, until people can experience it. Because it’s cool. It’s a totally new game. This changes everything. And I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Pitchford said.

The full details about Arms Race are expected to arrive this month. Gearbox made it clear that Arms Race is, at the very least not a battle royale mode. It will instead be something that we really have not seen before.


Pitchford also said that Arms Race may not be for everybody, but the new mode might turn the heads of players dedicated to other games. It could suck players back into Borderlands 3 who have already finished its other content.

Pitchford said, “So I think some of the folks that maybe are only interested in narrative experiences, we might lose them. But the folks that love the RPG loot and love that gear fighting experience, and also maybe folks who play completely different games… I have a feeling some Call of Duty folks are going to turn their head and go, Wait a minute. What’s this? Even some battle royale people are going to go, that sounds interesting. I want to check that out. It’s not a battle royale game, though. So we’re not doing that.” Protection Status

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