Shattered Memories’ successor reportedly in pitch phase

Sam Barlow, the award-winning game designer, is working on a pitch for a successor to the hit Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. There’s isn’t much to this news apart from Sam tweeting about it, but he is currently trying to pitch the idea to higher-ups.

He was the lead designer and writer for Shattered Memories in 2009, and there is mixed information on this development, like how it will allegedly not use the Silent Hill IP.

Shattered Memories sequel

Barlow, who is known for his award-winning games teased fans on Twitter that he’s working on the Shattered Memories follow-up, he then also spoke to IGN and revealed a few more details.

“[W]e have a game we’re looking to make which is very much ‘what was special about [Shattered Memories]?’ Like Outer World’s take on Fallout, or Bloodstained’s take on Castlevania, etc. So it’s not a Konami or branded Silent Hill thing.”

He added that the “impetus comes from people asking me for it and the market has hit a point where these kinds of games actually make sense, looking at what Remedy did with Control & Kojima with Death Stranding […]”.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was a reimaging of the original Silent Hill but with creepy and scary aspects. It had a revealing psych test that asked you probing questions which then gave way to some tough decisions.

The decisions made would then change the story, the characters, and the story world. It was done really well, and Sam Barlow became synonymous with great narrative-driven titles like Telling Lies.

I don’t know if anyone will take Barlow up on his pitch to create a Shattered Memories follow up, but he has certainly built up enough credibility over the past decade.

I’m sure any studio would greenlight it, and if it does get greenlit, work on it will have to wait until after Barlow finishes his current game which is simply titled Project A.

Barlow’s game could become Silent Hill’s competitor, as rumours continue to circulate that the franchise is returning, possibly as a Sony-developed PS5 exclusive. We just have to wait and see how events play out.

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