A portable ‘digital telescope’ that takes photos

Canon will be releasing a new product, the Powershot Zoom, in November; perfect for the South African market where a lot of our entertainment involves being outside enjoying sports and nature.

Canon Powershot Zoom

Impressive zoom

The Canon Powershot Zoom will fill a niche for outdoor enthusiasts who need a camera with impressive zoom but don’t have or don’t want to lug a pro DSLR and lens around.

The Canon Powershot Zoom was crowdfunded for the Japanese market. It has now been released in the US, and hopefully worldwide soon. While not a general-purpose solution, it will definitely solve a lot of headaches.

canon powershot zoom
Image supplied: Canon

It’s nice to see big companies are able to leverage crowdfunded R&D to produce more niche products that solve real-world problems. So what is the Canon Powershot Zoom and what problem does it solve?

Portable ‘digital telescope’

It’s basically a digital telescope that takes pictures. It’s super portable and should complement a number of staple South African past times, namely Safaris, hiking, bird watching or even just a day out at the cricket. 

The addition of the Powershot Zoom to the Canon line-up makes sense; many mobile phones now focus on camera zoom as a selling point for flagship models. Huawei and Samsung pushed the limits with their latest top of the range devices.

Canon looks to capitalise on this market providing superior optical zoom in a very appealing form factor. The Powershot Zoom is easy on the eye and won’t make you look like you’re working for the local newspaper.

Canon Powershot Zoom: Specs for nerds

canon powershot zoom
Image supplied: Canon

The tiny device is equipped with an electronic viewfinder, a 1/3-inch 12-megapixel sensor, and two switchable equivalent focal lengths of 100mm and 400mm with a digital zoom up to 800mm.

With an f/5.6-6.3 lens, this is obviously not meant to replace your SLR image quality wise but will definitely appeal to nature lovers and spectators at sporting events.

The device will charge over USB-C and takes microSD cards for storing your images and videos. In addition, the Powershot Zoom comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for transferring your images to a smartphone or computer.

The product will sell for $300, which is the equivalent of about R5000 local money though as usual expect the prices to possibly be a bit higher once it makes its way here. 

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