Adobe Max 2020 – Here’s what you need to know and how to attend

Adobe MAX fittingly went digital in 2020 in our new-normal almost-post-COVID-19 world. The best part is that the event will be free this year. In 2019, a conference pass would have cost you a whopping $1 295 (R21 300).

That wouldn’t include travel and accommodation, so the fact that Adobe MAX is going free this year means creatives from all the world would be able to attend, virtually.

This year’s showcase is packed with keynote sessions, creative labs, musical performances, as well as celebrity guest appearances and entertainment filling approximately 56 hours of live content.

MAX is Adobe’s showcase of talent and technology, including keynote sessions, labs, musical performances, celebrity guest appearances, art walks, and a sneak peek at things being worked on in Adobe labs.

Adobe MAX 2020: A guide to the virtual event

Adobe MAX Keynote

The keynote this is titled Creativity For All. See how the “world’s best creative apps and services can help you make anything you can imagine; presented by some of the best in the industry.

Creativity For All hosts are Shantanu Narayen, Scott Belsky and Conan O’Brien.


The three days of Adobe Max will be filled with live broadcasts and sessions, and it would be impossible to attend all the sessions. Plan wisely! Decide before going in what you would like to focus on, and plan your schedule accordingly.

Are you a photographer who needs to sharpen their Photoshop skills or a digital artist who needs a guiding hand when it comes to Illustrator? Regardless of your career or skill level, there’ll be something for everyone.

Simply head over to, no download required but you would need an Adobe account. Some of the sessions to look forward to, include:

  • Composting Alchemy: Humanizing animals using Photoshop
  • Video in the spotlight
  • OMG, AR + VR IRL
  • The art of photography
  • Mastering collaborative video editing with creative cloud
  • Creative workflows for business continuity with Adobe Doc Cloud
  • How to edit videos faster and more efficiently
  • Getting started in video creation
  • Designing with Illustrator on the iPad
  • Promote yourself and uplift your brand value with Portfolio


There are also nearly 500 speakers at Adobe MAX 2020, so we won’t list them all. However, some of the celebrity speakers include:

Adam J Kurtz, Annie Leboweitz, Common, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stanley Tucci, Taika Waititi, Wes Anderson, Zach Braff and more

Art walks

Need more inspiration? Go on virtual art walks from Mexico to Arkansas and Spain to Senegal, Japan and Taiwan.

You can also meet the people behind the products: Those who created Illustrator, Photoshop, Rush and more.

Follow the event on Adobe’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Protection Status

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