Aero Desktop makes Augmented Reality accessible for creatives

Adobe recently announced the release of the Aero Desktop, an AR creation companion to Aero on iOS and iPadOS, on 20 October 2020. This new desktop version of the application is now available in public beta as part of Adobe MAX 2020.

The Adobe MAX 2020 revealed important updates for Adobe apps like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and Fresco, to name a few.

Aero Desktop: What you need to know

Advanced augmented reality experiences

Adobe Aero on macOS and Windows gives creatives a chance to create precise and complex augmented reality experiences.

These experiences are then further refined and previewed in the physical world with an iPhone or iPad; Adobe Aero is basically an augmented reality addition to Creative Cloud.

Prior to this release Aero has only been available for smartphones, and only publicly available for iOS. Aero for Desktop, means that creatives can edit AR content on both Mac and Windows.

‘Design AR without code’

Android users should note though that an iOS device is still required to view the AR content. The desktop version is designed for the ultimate productivity for creators. An iOS-based smartphone is required to view the exported content.

However, the desktop app does allow users to put together a simulated preview. Adobe VP and Head of Augmented Reality Stefano Corazza had this to say regarding Adobe Aero:

“This latest update of Adobe Aero will further democratise the creation of AR content, enabling creatives of all experience levels to design AR experiences without code”.

She went on to add that “Aero’s new apps, on mobile and desktop, offer more control and precision than ever before with better interoperability—with other tools and across device—and enabling new formats.”

Technological AR advancements

The program allows creatives to also import GIFs and PNGs to help make 2D animations; you can even set up triggers that prompt content to play at specific times in AR experiences.

Technological advancements are really pushing the 4th industrial revolution forward, and with the launch of this app, there is no sign of it slowing down. Attend Adobe MAX to learn more about Adobe Aero and Virtual Reality-centred (VR) art.

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Adobe Aero team.

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