You can now tweak age and expression with Photoshop’s AI neural filters

The Adobe Max online Global conference is currently underway. The Adobe team have announced a number of exciting changes coming to their suite of products for digital creatives.

Adobe chief product officer and executive vice president, Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, said 2020 was “defined by so many challenges”.

He added that Adobe was proud to unite the community to “underscore resilience of creativity and share our vision for empowering creativity for all”, and added:

“Visualising ideas, sharing stories and expressing whatever’s in the mind’s eye are more important now than ever. We’re excited to introduce creative apps and services built to fuel continued growth for creative professionals, while also outfitting novices who want simple tools that bring their ideas to life.” 

Neural Filters in Photoshop

One of the most exciting innovations across their product range is the addition of Neural Filters in Photoshop. These are AI-powered filters that will allow users to tweak their subjects facial expressions and even their age.

Looking at the demo, I have to say the Neural filters playing with facial expression and age via sliders felt more like someone editing their in-game avatar than image processing.

Last year’s Adobe Max conference saw them release Adobe Aero Mobile for iOS. After a year of iOS users stretching the realm of what’s possible in AR on a mobile device, Adobe are using this year’s conference to release Adobe Aero Desktop (Beta) and Adobe Aero Mobile 2.0.

Adobe Aero Desktop

The Adobe Aero Desktop is currently available in Beta and will let users get to grips with their mobile creations in a more robust studio type environment. This will give users the opportunity to perfect their creations on a larger screen and access content created in other programs.

In-app live streaming will also be expanded to include Photoshop and Illustrator on the iPad. The ability to live stream your creations from within your app first appeared as a Fresco feature last year.

This feature will allow creatives to connect with their audience by creating educational content or just allowing users behind the scenes into their digital art studios.

Online educational material

In addition to this, Adobe will be adding to their already impressive selection of online educational material.

These will include new and enhanced learning experiences in Photoshop and Illustrator along with a broad range of tutorials and challenges that will be available for free via Creative Cloud Discover.

For Lightroom, the Learn and Discover feature will be enhanced and will allow users to follow other users, create curated content feeds for others to discover and even a platform to share presets.

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