Hideo Kojima remains tight-lipped after confirming new project

Hideo Kojima’s work is known to be very creative when it comes to storytelling and game design. He has easily become one of the most well-known auteurs in the industry and his most recent IP, Death Stranding, showcased an army of undead monsters that was met with great reception.

Hideo Kojima’s new project

It became one of 2019’s best games, and he teased that news that he’s already busy with more projects. The “Metal Gear Solid” creator and head of Kojima Productions recently took to Twitter to announce that work had begun on a new project.

Kojima posted a photo of a massive sand dune in the background surrounded by a blue sky, stating that he was “working on the next concept while no one is in the office”.

He further went on to reveal details about the company hiring the “best-in-class talent” to work on the next title. The job listings included positions in the art department, programming, and writing. An emphasis on Japanese fluency was also listed as a requirement.

Will there be a Death Stranding sequel?

Kojima has mentioned in the past that he may someday create a sequel to Death Stranding or even work on another horror game so there is a lot of speculation on what this project could be.

The excitement surrounding the next project peaked when Kojima Productions audio director, Ludvig Forssell, tweeted that he had just completed a ‘COVID recording’ for an ‘undisclosed project’.

This project will be Kojima game studio’s second project since going independent in 2015 by splitting from Konami. They will celebrate five years of independence this December.

Kojima’s future projects

In another tweet, Kojima had said that he was going to work with long-time collaborator and character artist Yoji Shinkawa.

This is so that “the setting for each character, the background, the world, the colour, the characteristics, the roles, the images, ideas, and keyword”.

Whatever this new project could there is no doubt in my mind that it will do just as well as its predecessors.

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