Take part in the future of innovation

The last quarter of the year is usually packed full of launch events and this year is no different even with the pandemic. Some manufacturers have already announced the dates of their events and others are expected to do so.

Lenovo Tech World 2020 will be a two-day event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event will be a virtual one and interested participants can register here.

Lenovo invites you to meet them “at the intersection of innovation and humanity”, by exploring “pioneering solutions and connecting with peers and experts from around the globe.

“Take part in the future of innovation”.

Lenovo Tech World 2020 schedule

The Lenovo Tech World 2020 event will span over two days.

On Wednesday, 28 October, the theme for the day will be Using Technology to Accelerate a Smarter Way Forward. Lenovo explains that the “pandemic has turned our world upside down”.

Attendees will be invited to learn how powerful technologies are helping businesses move forward in innovative ways, especially during these strange times.

The theme for Thursday, 29 October will be Smarter Technology for You. Lenovo invites you to discover how new technologies transform our daily lives, and our futures, for the better.

You’d also be able to build your own agenda for the event. According to Lenovo, available sessions will focus on innovation, technology and “life in a transformed world”.

[The sessions] will include topics on everything from a global view of how remote learning is transforming education to the role of AI in future innovation. There will also be sessions tailored to individual markets and regions of the world on the topics most important to you”.

Based on the areas of interested I selected when signing up, Lenovo recommended the following sessions for me. Spot on!

  • Navigating the New Normal: Unlocking a Smarter Future for All – META Tech World Session
  • Using Technology to Accelerate a Smarter Way Forward – Commercial Keynote
  • Smarter Technology for You – Consumer and SMB Keynote
  • Using AI to Fight COVID-19

What to expect

Some of the highlights on the agenda includes exploring technology and business “in the new remote environment”, as well as innovations in Edge IA and AI, Smart Vertical Solutions, end-to-end IoT solutions, and how to optimize remote learning experience

Lenovo will also be showcasing new technologies to can transform our daily lives and pave a brighter future. This includes ground breaking announcements for entertainment and gaming technology too.

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