Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer finally released [video]

Excitement had been building up in the Apex community for a while, and now the wait is finally over as we get our first look at the game. Respawn Entertainment recently announced the official Season 7 Ascension launch trailer:

“With World’s Edge on the verge of collapse, the Apex Games need to find a new home… There’s a whole new world on the horizon”.

‘Apex Legends Season 7’

What you should know

The launch trailer arrived on October 28, on the Apex YouTube channel and it showcased the next season’s expansions. Respawn went on to reveal details about the battle royale’s seventh season.

Ascension will introduce a range of content to Apex and add Horizon as the next Legend with a brand new Olympus map.

The most recent Stories from the Outlands revealed more of Horizon’s backstory as well as his in-game abilities and showing off the landscape of her home city, Olympus.

Watch ‘Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension’ trailer

Note: This trailer carries a Teen ESRB rating for Blood and Violence. Not contents may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Developer’s also confirmed the debut of a transport vehicle called the Trident and Olympus has expanded in size as compared to the previous maps, so the vehicle will definitely help players explore the large landscape.

Respawn likes expanding the Apex Legends lore through its launch trailers so be prepared as the trailer sets the stage for the next competitor, Dr Mary Somers, who will join the Apex Games.

What to expect when ‘Apex Legends Season 7’ goes live

Apart from Horizon, we also get to see some Trident action as it hovers above the ground and takes the legends for a wild ride. It looks like it has high speeds in the trailer, but this could also just be for cinematic purposes.

We’ll know more when the stats on the vehicle are revealed when Season 7 patch drops for Apex Legends on 3 or 4 November 2020.

More information will also come in the next couple of days, hopefully with a gameplay trailer, cinematic trailer, and a battle pass trailer. Season 7: Ascension goes live in Apex Legends on 4 November, alongside the game’s launch on Steam.

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