These are the most trusted and reliable smartphone brands

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, tops the ranking for the second year in Counterpoint Research’s 2020 trust rankings.

Counterpoint Research trust rankings are based on four pillars: software, security, build quality, and enterprise-recommended devices. These pillars comprise various weighted criteria with a comparative analysis done for the leading Android smartphone brands.

This is the second successive year where Nokia phones lead the global rankings in providing the fastest software and security updates with the highest share of portfolio recommended for enterprises, the report’s authors said.

Nokia phones lead across the price tiers in providing the fastest software and security updates; Nokia phones are also joint first in providing the latest software updates across their portfolio. Nokia phones also lead in build quality by applying tougher tests than the industry average.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world even more digitally connected than before. With smartphones being devices that are always-on and connected, they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks which are growing both in frequency and severity,” said Counterpoint VP & research director, Peter Richardson.

“This makes software and security updates for Android smartphones an critical aspect. Due to the pandemic, there have been changes in the work environment with many more people working remotely. This situation calls for an enterprise-grade security solution for data security, to block malware, and to prevent things like phishing attacks.”

The performance of Nokia phones continues to be a competitive advantage over the rest of the smartphone brands in the Android ecosystem, Counterpoint said. 98% of Android smartphone brands still offer inconsistent software and security updates or none at all, it said.

OnePlus performed well by providing faster software updates to all its devices currently selling in the market followed by Samsung and realme.

In a crowded smartphone market, every manufacturer is trying hard to differentiate its offering from its competitors. From design and build quality, to screen size and the number of cameras, a lot goes into this effort to differentiate.

The software that the smartphone runs on is also an important consideration. Consumers should expect it to be updated regularly to ensure that potential security vulnerabilities are kept at bay and new features are delivered as they become available, said Counterpoint Research.

Commenting on the performance of smartphone brands, global content Manager, Ritesh Bendre, said: “Some brands focus on keeping their products up-to-date, while others only issue software and security updates after a considerable delay. Regular software and security updates helps not just the overall device experience, but also helps devices retain their value over time.

“Surprisingly, there are top 10 smartphone manufacturers that don’t have any clear strategy to inform customers whether their devices are eligible for security and software updates. We think this issue will become increasingly important as consumers keep their smartphones for longer and rely on them more. Nokia and OnePlus devices have done well here.”

Commenting on build quality results, associate director, Tarun Pathak, said: “The build quality pillar was evaluated on several criteria including product robustness, force measurement, drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal tests, moisture and liquid tests, and others which included both qualitative and quantitative observations.”

“We found that Nokia phones undergo tougher tests than the industry average.

“We therefore concluded that, when considered alongside the faster software and security updates the strong build quality means Nokia phones will last the test of time which is increasingly important at a time when global device replacement cycles are getting longer, now approaching 30 months.”

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