Alien Vs Predator show matches celebrate 18 years of rAge Expo

Get ready for the ultimate Alien Vs Predator showdown as Bravado Gaming (from Team Alienware) and Goliath Gaming & DNMK (from Team Predator) host a series of kickass, heart stomping entertaining CS:GO show matches online.

This event, set to take place on 7 November 2020, will be celebrating 18 years of rAge expo, the event that has brought Africa’s top gaming and Tech enthusiasts together under one umbrella.

Alien Vs Predator show matches: What you need to know

The #AlienVsPredatorZA show matches will include a diversity of players, streamers, and management from top teams like Bravado Gaming (#TeamAlienwareZA), Goliath Gaming, and DNMK (#TeamPredatorZA).

Viewers will also be able to tune into multiple vantage points of the game depending on which team and player they choose.

Gamers and the gaming community can also take part in the event by sharing a photo of their favourite Alienware or Predator product on social media using the hashtags #TeamAlienwareZA or #TeamPredatorZA.

You can then totally show your bias and say why your specific team deserves to take home the crown.

Show matches: How it works

Each team will then randomly choose a fan to join them in their corresponding rosters to play in the first of the best of three 5v5 variant CS: GO matches.

The lucky fans will also walk away with some impressive prizes including an Alienware monitor from #TeamAlienwareZA and a Predator monitor from #TeamPredatorZA.

Winners of these giveaways should be able to play in the show match on Saturday at 19h00 however, in order to claim their monitor prize.

This will definitely be an event that should not be missed. For more information on the #AlienVsPredatorZA show match schedules, stream links, fan competition, and more be sure to check out:

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