‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ celebrates 5th Anniversary with new updates

Kingdom Two Crowns reached its 5th anniversary and to celebrate they have just released a brand new update. The update has been dubbed the Continue Anywhere Update and applies changes to the game.

The update was announced on their official website, and Twitter account announcing that the ability to cross-save is finally here.

‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ – What you need to know

Raw Fury’s Kingdom Two Crowns was a significant release across consoles and PC. The premium release for both the IOS and Android, which includes a split-screen functionality, is an update worthy of the celebration.

The new update includes cross-platform saves, improved multiplayer functionality, performance improvements beyond all platforms, and so much more.

Watch: ‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ trailer

Kingdom Two Crowns is a side-scrolling micro tactics game with a minimalist experience combined with a sharp pixel art aesthetic.

The Player, who is the King or Queen, can order their devoted subjects to build them a powerful kingdom. But beware, there are creepy things in the shadows that are after your coins and crown.


To utilise the cross-platform saves, players need to create a Kingdom account. With Raw Fury’s improved multiplayer mode, it makes for a much smoother experience on all devices.

Multiplayer improvements include crowns not getting lost, no infinite, invisible coins and the pikes wielded by pikemen are now breakable. Moreover, pikemen work just like ninjas and need to pick up new pikes after excessive use.

Furthermore, the cooperative play experience is unique to Kingdom: Two Crowns as rulers can now choose between a classic solo experience or ask an ally for help.

You can purchase the game for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop for R189.79. The game is offering discounts on all the Kingdom titles on all platforms in celebration of the anniversary.

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