Ghost of Tsushima Patch notes: New update introduces Raid

GoT creators, SuckerPunch Productions, confirmed in a recent update that more than “2 million Legends matches were played using online matchmaking” during the first weekend alone.

“Thank you to everyone for giving Ghost of Tsushima: Legends such an amazing launch. […] We’re excited to continue watching and reading everyone’s streams, posts, and photo mode shares”.

Proud to say that a good chunk of those two million matches came from yours truly, even though I missed launch day and only joined in the fun a day later. But I digress.

Legends Raid: Here’s what you need to know

SuckerPunch said now that the Legends moved into proper launch mode, there are more updates to come. That includes the patch that introduces the Tale of Iyo.

Other than the new tale, SuckerPunch also resolves several bugs and ensure everything’s set for the upcoming Raid mode. Do note that you won’t be able to play Raid without upgrading to Version 1.14.

Update 1.14 recap

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges, according to SuckerPunch, will include a new two-player Story Mission and a four-player Survival Mission “with specific weekly modifiers”.

Only the teams with the highest scores will be featured on weekly leaderboards, one for the Story mission and one for the Survival mission. Be sure that the missions’ Nightmare Difficulty will wear you down.

“They’ll be very difficult, but if you and your fellow Ghosts are able to complete them along with all bonus objectives, you’ll get max-level gear that will help you become Raid ready”.

The Tale of Iyo

Really, you would have to experience it for yourself. However, to give some background information: The Tale of Iyo is the culmination of the current Legends storyline.

It’s not a quest to be undertaken lightly. Iyo’s tale, split up into three chapters, is the end-of-game goal, therefore players would need to be heavily armed and skilled up to beat Iyo.

SuckerPunch recommends that you complete all the available story mission and get your hands on some high-level gear before attempting to take on Iyo. You have been warned.

The matchmaking option has been scrapped for the Tale of Iyo, and players will need to form their own four-person groups before going head-to-head with Iyo’s minions.

Bug Fixes

SuckePunch said we can expect the new patch to address the following reported issues.

  • A bug causing frequent Network Error pop-ups
  • Bug preventing the Platinum Trophy armor dye from appearing in New Game+
  • A bug that caused some users to become stuck in the Legends tutorial
  • Added support for PlayStation™ Network “Players Met” functionality to Legends
  • Various bug and crash fixes 

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