Xbox invites you to light up the tallest building in Africa

Penquin announced this week that its Light Up the Leo campaign is officially live. Here is your chance to light up Africa’s tallest building, The Leonardo, and maybe win an Xbox console too.

Xbox invites you to ‘Light up the Leo’

The Light Up The Leo campaign started with a few daring What If questions. What if the Power Your Dreams idea was adapted for the real world? What if SA gamers lit up the Leonardo with Xbox consoles?

And most importantly, what if every click and tap on participants’ Xbox controllers was seen as a “digital energy exchange”, and what if that energy was used to power up something extra-ordinary?

Something, say, like the tallest building. Not just the tallest building in South Africa, but the tallest on the African continent: Legacy Hotel’s The Leonardo in Sandton.

“When people dream, they look to the sky. This has been, and always will be the case. As the brand that promises to Power Dreams, we would love to own the sky but, unfortunately, it’s just not attainable. However, we have found a way to get pretty close”.

The Leonardo: Africa’s tallest building

That brings us to the here and now, with Xbox South Africa calling on us to light up the mighty Leonardo. In case you don’t know, it stands 234 metres tall.

The Leonardo really is that impressive and is certified as the “tallest building in Africa” by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat International (CTBUH).

It houses more than 250 luxury apartments, five floors of office space, including shops, art galleries, restaurants, a gym and a pre-school. I had the privilege of attending a site inspection while The Leonardo was still being built.

Believe me when I say The Leonardo dominates the Johannesburg skyline. It is a view to behold, regardless of whether you’re on the ground looking up or on the 56th floor looking down. Get a glimpse of it here.

Light up the Leo: How it works

It’s quite simple, even though it may sound a bit impossible. Xbox began inviting users on 6 November to visit their Series X | S, Light up the Leo landing page.

From there, participants can take part in the challenge, and stand a chance to win an Xbox Series X. All you have to do, is click the on-screen controller buttons (A and B).

You need to be on the landing page at the agreed-upon time and click as many times consecutively in a 15-second period. The participant with the most clicks will be announced as the winner.

When will it take place

According to Penquin, “every click will be counted, recorded, stored and added to a grand total of clicks needed to actually power the Light up the Leo project”.

“The progress of this country-wide challenge can be witnessed and tracked on the landing page via a real-time click counter, leaving the country staring at the horizon in anticipation”.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to light up the Leonardo in green on 10 November at 19:00? Protection Status

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