Next-gen Xbox launch day may not go as planned for South Africans

Microsoft Corp launched two models of its Xbox gaming console, The Xbox Series X. It’s described by the company as the “world’s most powerful console”, but some fans in South Africa may be left disappointed on launch day.

Xbox launch in South Africa

‘Unforeseen logistical challenges’

The company has seen the highest pre-orders for Xbox consoles across various markets and some of you may already have your pre-order on the way, along with your accessories.

Suppose you’re trying to buy a new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on the launch day. In that case, you may be disappointed as there seem to be some “unforeseen logistical challenges” that are complicating South Africa’s Xbox Series X launch.

Local distributors have already been warned that some stores will only receive stock after the official launch on 10 November.

Console distribution issues

Takealot has even gone on to say that the delay would impact “less than 5%” of its Xbox Series X orders following a last-minute announcement/Press Release by Prima Interactive.

Prima is the company in charge of distributions for Xbox in South Africa, and they stressed that some stores would be delayed in getting the product. Prima explained in the statement:

“Due to some unforeseen logistical challenges, some stores in South Africa may receive their stock of the Series X | S on day of launch or possibly a day late”.

Shortage of Xbox consoles on launch day

Fans who had already pre-ordered consoles raised concerns on social media when they noticed delivery dates had changed and shipping had not been marked as complete.

This means that affected stores won’t be able to sell the consoles on launch day. The Press release doesn’t mention which stores might not receive stock, as Prima Interactive advises that all the stock has been shipped to stores.

Xbox is going head-to-head with the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to launch internationally on Thursday, 12 November, and locally on 19 November 2020.

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