FXGT.com: The ultimate trading platform: Start your journey today

FXGT.com continues to establish itself as a household name as the ultimate online trading platform across all experience levels.

Winners of the 2022 Ultimate Fintech Award for Best Hybrid Broker, FXGT.com offers a wide range of trading assets for potential investors to select from.

These include forex, cryptocurrencies, synthetic cryptocurrency pairs, precious metals, energies, equity indices, stocks, and FXGT.com’s own GTi12 Index.

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, the FXGT.com platform is gaining recognition for its innovative approach to ushering in a new generation of traders.

Getting started

Beginning your journey as an FXGT.com trader is as simple as the four steps below:

  1. Register to open an account
  2. Choose your account type
  3. Fund your trading account
  4. Start trading

As as added incentive, look out for FXGT.com’s series of ongoing promotions for new users.

Don’t delay, sign up today!

This sign-up process is simple and seamless, and once completed, traders can choose from the four trading account types listed below:

  • Mini – Ideal for new traders
  • Standard+ – Suitable for a wide range of traders as it offers hundreds of instruments and great promotions
  • ECN – For traders who want raw spreads that reflect real market conditions
  • Pro – Targeted at experienced traders, with zero commissions and tight speeds

Key features and strengths

FXGT.com offers access to both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and aims to empower traders with choice, access and trust.

Traders looking for help in making informed trading decisions can take advantage of FXGT.com’s Advanced MT5 Toolkit which will help these users complete a comprehensive analysis on every trade, including data on, among numerous others, trend strength, RSI extremes and volatility forecasts.


A standout feature of FXGT.com is its acceptance of cryptocurrencies for both deposit bonuses and financial transactions.

This flexibility not only caters to the preferences of a new generation of traders, but also aligns with the decentralised and borderless nature of cryptocurrencies.

With its low entry barriers, high leverage, and innovative approach, FXGT.com is paving the way for a new era in trading, where crypto is a strength that enhances the overall trading experience for traders of all levels.

Let’s talk about leverage

Leverage allows traders to get bigger returns on smaller investments. They only provide a portion of the capital required to open a position, but their cash deposits are amplified – or “leveraged” – and the profit or loss is based on the total value of the position. The return can be much higher than your initial cash investment. But if it all goes wrong, losses can also occur.

FXGT.com offers dynamic leverage that actively reduces the amount of leverage required in real time, to protect our clients’ trading accounts from excessive risk exposure. The maximum leverage offered varies across different regions, account types and asset classes.

And for those wondering, YES you can change the leverage of your account in the Client Portal.

But wait, there’s more!

FXGT.com’s Resource Centre provides further information for traders who want to educate themselves on the trading world.

Meanwhile, for more experienced traders, resources to access include a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting system.

Through this system, traders will remain connected to their dedicated trader terminal at all times – giving them unhindered access to a wide range of financial markets.

VPS hosting is available for free to any client that trades five or more GTLots per day.

Payments and withdrawals

For those wondering, FXGT.com offers convenient and secure payments with its wide selection of local payment options, including eWallets, for seamless transactions.

Put your mind at ease by reading more about Deposits & Withdrawals HERE

Choose FXGT.com

If you are looking for a world-class platform to begin – or continue – your trading efforts, FXGT.com is your best bet by far.

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